Choosing the right school/college is one of the most important and difficult decisions you will have to make. Aligning your school choice with future career goals and living preferences is key for success.

Study in the USA

Assigned Public
High School

Explore a new culture, sharpen your language skills and immerse yourself in an American public high school experience while living with a volunteer host family in the USA.

The location of a student’s placement is determined by the location of the volunteer host family secured for each particular student.

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Elite Private
High School

Elite high schools in the USA are usually competitive schools with a selective admission process, small classes, individual attention from highly qualified faculty and staff and have outstanding facilities and programs.

These schools do not only offer a great education but also the best possible environment and atmosphere for study, recreational activities and life in general.

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Select Public
High School

Experience the excitement of studying in an authentic public high school in the USA while living with a carefully screened American host family.

This program allows international students the ability to choose which state they want to live in and which school district they will attend.

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College &

If your dream is to study abroad at an American university or college, you're in the right place!

The USA hosts the most international students for many reasons: academic excellence, large variety of programs of study, use of newest technologies, research possibilities, and gaining work experience in your field of study.

Ready to immerse yourself in American culture and college life?

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High School

Combine a high level of academic offered by private high schools with the enriching experience of living with an American host family or in a prestigious US boarding school.

Students choose the school they will attend from a diverse selection of schools that meet your individual needs and budget.

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What better place to come than the USA to learn English?

Each year, tens of thousands of students do exactly that.

Many come to prepare themselves to enter high schools, colleges, and universities in the United States; others come to improve their English while experiencing American life.

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Why study in the USA

American education focuses on engaging students and making learning and teaching easier.

Private High Schools in the USA

Welcome video about Mercyhurst Preparatory School

Mercyhurst Preparatory School is located on 7 acres in the city of Erie, which is in northwestern Pennsylvania. The school has been an IB school since 1985.

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Public High School in the USA

Nauset Regional High School is located in the New England region of the United States.

Nauset Regional High School is a leader in providing local and international students the highest quality of education.

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USA College & University

That's Berkeley

What happens at UC Berkeley isn't magic. It just feels that way.

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