There are multiple resources and articles on the internet about the IB Extended Essay. I curated some of them and I hope you find them useful for you.

Useful Resources and Articles

Extended Essay Support SitePhilpot EducationExtended Essay Support Site
The Extended Essay Step-by-Step GuideLanterna EducationThe Extended Essay Step-by-Step Guide 1: What is it? - Lanterna Education | Online IB Tutoring
IB Extended EssayShekou International SchoolEE Home - IB Extended Essay - LibGuides at Shekou International School
EE Research Questions ExamplesUnknownEE example research questions
Writing an Abstract for the IB Extended EssayUnknownHow to write an abstract for the IB Extended Essay
Extended Essay GuideUnknownResearch and writing guide - Extended Essay Guide
Extended Essay GuidanceSPHS Devil PhysicsExtended Essay Guidance In Physics with multiple resources and samples
Physics Extended Essay SampleSPHS Devil PhysicsTelescope Tracking Error and Exoplanet Research

Research Question: What is the effect of telescope tracking error on the accuracy of exoplanet light curves?
Tips on writing an EE in PhysicsIBlieveTips on writing an EE in Physics - IBlieve
IB Physics Extended Essay Break Down - VideoAscientia TutorsIB Physics Extended Essay Break Down: Understanding the Criteria, Tips & Tricks

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