Back to school is…

Activities and ideas for First Days of School

A letter to myselfUnknownWrite a letter to your future y
Write a Letter to the Future | FutureMeFutureMeWrite a letter to the future and read the public (but anonymous) letters from others. FutureMe has been delivering letters to the future for millions of people since 2002.
Bingo to Meet You!UnknownBingo game to meet students
Back to School Board GameUnknownFun board game to get to know students and community building.
IB Learner Profile Classmate BINGOUnknownWalk around the room and find one person in the class who fits the description to put their initials in each box. You
may only get one signature from each person!
Pear Deck: Back to school (introductions)UnknownSharing basic inforamtion about each other in a live class to get to know each other.

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