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Resources and ideas for Back to School

The First 5 Days: The Key to SuccessEdutopiaMake the start of the new school year go smoothly by preparing for students’ questions and anxieties before the first day of class.
Relationship Building From Day 1EdutopiaStrategies for fostering relationships with middle and high school students starting on the first day of the school year and then growing them all year long.
For New Teachers, 6 Principles to Remember This YearEdutopiaIt won’t be easy, but if you prepare for turbulence and set reasonable goals, you’ll stay calmer and make progress in all the right places.

4 Proactive Steps to Avoid Misbehavior From the First Day of Class OnEdutopiaCarefully working on relationship building right from the start of the school year can help teachers avoid discipline issues.
Balancing Friendliness With FirmnessEdutopiaBy setting clear expectations for behavior early on, teachers can have fun with their students without losing control of their classrooms.
Using Problem-Solving to Build Community From Day 1EdutopiaWhen math students work together to solve logic puzzles on the first day of class, they learn to trust one another.
Different Ways to Play the Name GameEdutopiaWith these variations, teachers can lower the pressure of remembering names, or use new prompts for community building.

FutureMe: Write a Letter to your Future SelffuturemeFuture Me is a simple online program that allows you to send yourself an email in future. You simply type in your email and set the date and Future Me takes care of the rest for you.

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